Guest Posts And Hedge Fund Letters

Hedge fund letters

We accept letters from small value funds (although large and non value are fine!!) and can post the letters (if you give permission) or do stories about the content in them if we think it will be of interest to readers – see some examples here and here. We greatly appreciate legal tips


If you are concerned about issues of confidentiality, privacy or other legal issues related to sending information, you can review the following?ProPublica article on communicating confidentially. ?ProPublica recommends that if you are sending information by mail, that you consider sending it without a return address, but we will accept any form of submission and protect your confidentiality to the full extent of the rights provided under the law. ?Anonymous tips by email can be sent to tips(@) Also for super secure-file sharing we like onionshare? and for messaging Signal App. Our staff can be contracted on signal at 845-304-5782.

Do you accept guest contributions?
Yes, we accept guest posts?from industry professionals. Articles must be aimed at our buy-side hedge fund and value investing oriented audience. Guest posts can be sent on a one time basis, or on a regular basis.

Specs for Guest Articles:

  • Word Count: 400 – unlimited words, with an ideal length of 900-1600 words
  • Photos (which you own or can prove you have rights to use on our site) are okay to send – charts which you produce or would fall under fair use are highly encouraged
  • Include a short bio of the author
  • Include a (NO follow) link to author’s company, blog , book or whatever he/she wishes
  • Do not send us sales pitches, If you have something?promotional in nature please see our advertising page
  • We reserve the right to edit or reject any articles
  • The author?must disclose any positions he/she holds?in any securities mentioned
  • No penny stocks, ICOs, or write ups on companies which are illiquid and/or speculative in nature. Binary options, CFDs, Forex, Gambling etc are only accepted if US ONLY regulated
  • The content must be unique and not posted anywhere else
  • We are proudly and strictly apolitical but for guest posts give a bit of leeway in terms of opinionated views
  • We do not offer compensation for these posts
  • The contributor assumes liability for any issues which arise from their content and they attest?in good faith that their content does not infringe on any copyright, trademarks etc., nor contain libelous information or violate any New Jersey, US or international laws. You must abide with? by all of our site TOS and privacy policy, as well.
  • The article?does not need to be in a specific format, but a good example of a guest post can be found here
  • Guest posts which our readers enjoy?will be featured on our Yahoo Finance Tumblr site, and may be featured in on our other content partners. If you do not want the piece featured elsewhere please let us know upfront.
  • Corrections: We cannot spend all day doing tiny updates which many PR agencies ask of us. We don’t? do updates on free guest posts unless it is our fault, its an actual factual mistake (according to regular people not PR “mistakes”), or serious legal issue etc. If you need one so badly for trivial issue you can donate to $100 to a 501C3 of OUR choice, which may not necessarily be a cause you support. Please do not send article until it is 100% done so you do not need to ask us for any edits.
  • We find that excerpts from good investment books do well among our readers. If there is a new book out and you are PR/an author/Publishing House etc. and interested in posting part of the book with a link to purchase the full book contact us!

Guest posts or any questions can be sent to info(@)

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